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meal2meetU Concept

meal2meetU is designed for professionals like you and facilitates contacts and meetings personally. meal2meetU seeks to enhance personal interaction and invites you to take advantage of any rest for meals, free time after work, a coffee or any time of relaxation.

Expand Your Network

meal2meetU facilitates the search and invitation of other professional profiles based on location, industry, occupation, personal interests, etc. The arrangement and management of personal invitations is very easy. Contact personally with other professionals and add relevant contacts to your network. Take advantage of any business trip to contact and meet interesting profiles.

meal2meetU is a service financed directly by users. Therefore it does not share or market your information with third parties. After a promotion trial period, you might register with an annual fee that that gives you one year premium full access to a platform that guarantees your security, privacy and control of your data

Join Us!

  • New to the Platform?
  • If you are new in the Platform, press the [Join Now] button to register and start using meal2meetU
  • The process is very simple, you have a free trial period and no credit card is required
  • Already Registered?
  • As a registered user, you can access by pressing [Login] and entering your username and password
  • If you do not remember the password, click on -Forgot password?- and follow the steps to generate a new one

Main Features

Professional Use

Share Information

Find Profiles

Manage Meetings

Announce Locations

Access Globally

Receive News

Create Groups

Secure your Data

Easy Register

Always Connected


In a Glimpse
Take advantage of your meal breaks to meet professionals
Share ideas, contact and get to know interesting partners
Turn a simple coffee into a business opportunity
Plan your meetings on your travels and business trips
Expand your network and make new connections

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